Sunday, 7 July 2013

YouTube channel!

Hey dolls!

So we both just started our own YouTube channel where we will be making different types of videos together such as, outfit of the days, vlogs, tags, etc...

We have posted our first video which is obviouslyyyyyyy the Best Friend Tag and it would mean alot of us if you guys can check it out! 

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Also, if you have any video suggestions please comment on the video and we will try to do them! 

Thank you all and we love you guys!


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mursal does a best friend tag :D♥

Hey dolls,
Me and my best friend have a joint blog, so we thought it would be cool to have a best friend tag for our first post as a little intro to you all soooo here we go ♥
What's your best friend's name?
Rania, or as I like to call her Bozooooo♥
When is their birthday?
28 September 1995 which makes her exactly 17 years and 8 months OH YEAH I GOT THIS
Where were they born?
Pretty sure she was born in Iraq
How long have we been friends?
Ohmaiiigad our friendship goes WAY back in the day. Okay so it was a lovely sunny day in the year 2003 and it was also Rania's first day at my primary school! I was already friends with one other girl but Rania being the awesome gal that she is, joined our group. Them times were quite scary, you know, being 8 years old in a group of three best friends, our greatest fear was probably who would pair up with who and who would be left out during paired classwork! But me and Rania always managed to be there for each other which is why we have now been BFFLs for ten years now! Love her♥
Could you live without them?
I really don't think I can! Yeah, we have our fights and fall outs but in the end we always start talking about what we're gonna do together during the Summer holidays and about loadssss of random stuff that only makes sense to us haha! But yeah, after those innocent young days, we splited up </3. We went to different high schools and made new friends but always managed to stay as best friends. Real friends are truly rare and I'm so lucky to have such an amazing one, so it would really be the biggest mistake to forget a best friend!
Your best memory together?
We've had so many amazing memories! But if I had to pick the best.. It's a tie between two! One time I broke my thumb by catching it on the car boot like the klutz that I am (no, that's not our best memory!), and I had to go hospital and it was a school day, we were 8 or 9 years old and at that age everyone loves school! It's fun and easy.. anyways, Rania bunked school to come with me! I thought that was pretty cool, she left school because of me ! The other memory was actually recently, we were at my house and going down the stairs, Rania was infront of me and I was behind when she suddenly buckled and bopped down the stairs! It was the funniest thing ever ohmygod I couldn't stop laughing for a good ten minutes!
What is her dream job?
Easy! She wants to be a successful cosmetic surgeon with her own clinic :)
What's her favourite makeup brand?
oooo this one's difficult. Going with a wild guess, I thiiiiiiinkkk it's Loreal?
One thing that annoys you about her?
If there's one thing that Rania loves, it's finding the perfect makeup. So whenever I go to drugstores with her, better believe the whole day is going to be spent in there. We once planned to go shopping somewhere, and spent like half an hour at Superdrug! I have actually thought about never going to a drugstore with her again hahaaa
Her favourite song?
ummmm, this changes quite a lot but she loves Justin Bieber (as do I!), but recently I've seen her tweet a lotttttt of lyrics from "Blurred Lines" haha so I'm gonna go with that
Her favourite shows?
She watches a lottt of teen dramas, so here's a list of her favourites: Revenge, 90210, Vampire Diaries and somewhat also Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars :)
Describe her in one word
Good and Bad habits:
good habits, hmmm well she's honest! And if she wants something, she tries sososososoo hard and doesn't rest until she achieves it. Bad habits.. Not really any bad, but she eats barbeque sause with literally anything, weird child
Hidden talent:
This isn't hidden because I'm sure everyone can agree with me when I say Rania is the most awesome artist ever! She's super creative and crafty!
Ideal holiday destination?
If you follow Rania on Twitter.. EVERYONE's with me when I say she loves Bora Bora. Whenever I see a beautiful beach twitpic of Bora Bora on my TL, it's always her retweeting it hahaahah
Favourite inside joke?
"Are you taking mine?" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL this actually makes NO sense to anyone but us, it is actually really funny I swear!
Impersonate your best friend:
*comes to school three hours before school finishes*
Celebrity crushes?
She LOVESSSS Channing Tatum, Zac Efron and LUKE BROOKS (from the Janoskians), like literally obsessed with Luke.
One food she doesn't like?
The main thing we have in common is that we both LOVE food, like literally any food is good food. The only way to our hearts is through nice food, real talk hhahaa. But yeah, she HATESSS dairy products, like milk, cheese, yoghurt...
If she was collecting anything what would it be?
ummmm this is quite hard, I'm gonna guess this one as well, but I'd say she would probably collect pictures from the past because who doesn't cherish memories?! hahahaa
What shoe size is she?
Okay, Rania has really tiny feet every since we were young and it still hasn't changed haha, she's a UK size 3 and sometimes 4 as well :)
You bake her a cake for her birthday, what kind of cake is it?
Because she's specialllllll the cake will be heart shaped, and it will have pink frosting because she likes that colour :) and it will be a chocolate cake because Rania loves chocolate, real talk.
If there is any country she could move to where is it?
I think she would wanna move to America..? Probably LA?
Does she have any piercings or tattoos?
No tattoos, she has three piercings on each ear, cartilage, tragus and her naval piercing :)
Left handed or right handed?
She's right handed !
Okay guys, so there's my completed best friend tag about Rania, hope you guys have a little idea of her amazing persona after this post and don't forget to leave links to your own Best Friend tags, we'd love to check them out!
Have a lovely evening!♥
-Mursal xoxox